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To prop, or not to prop?

Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in events where we have been asked by the client to not provide props. To begin with we were very dubious and not entirely sure, but we were simply blown away by the look of the pictures. They look rather lovely.

There is something clean and simplistic about the photos and make the photos a bit ‘classier’. We found that the clients were becoming a bit more (shall we say) creative with the poses.

Don’t get me wrong, these ‘prop less’ booths aren’t for everyone though and props do belong in some photos, and we still encourage the silliness that comes with them. To be honest, who doesn’t like donning a silly pair of glasses and oversized hat on! But it’s the choice that more clients are considering.

So, it’s worth a thought when thinking about your photobooth pics. Whichever you choose we don’t mind. Just think about looking through your photobooth album in years to come and think about the photos you want to look back on.

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