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Terms and Conditions

our terms and conditions

Here’s our terms and conditions. These are signed when you sign the booking contract.

Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT (hereafter “Agreement) is made and entered into by Phoenix Red Limited trading as Deluxe Booths (hereafter “Deluxe Booths”) and our clients (hereafter “Client”) on the date of booking for hire for the given event date from the given start time to the given end time (hereafter “Event”)


These terms apply to all bookings made with Deluxe Booths. For the purposes of this document, ‘Deluxe Booths’ refers to a trading name of ‘PHOENIX RED LIMITED’, company number 13165282. We’ve tried to make our terms and conditions as simple as possible but if you need any point clarifying, please do not hesitate to contact us! You hereby confirm your understanding of the following terms and conditions of booking:

●    The name of the business is Phoenix Red Limited, trading as Deluxe Booths, and you are contracting for hire of our photo booth services, including but not limited to our Deluxe Booth.

●    The CLIENT is the person named on the booking documents who places the order and is responsible for payment of the hire as detailed on the booking form.


●    The client is responsible for ensuring unhindered access to the venue and that there is sufficient and accessible space allocated for safe set-up of the booth within easy access to a suitable power supply – please see “important information” below for further details.

●    Idle hours (where the booth) is in place but not in use either by request of the client or as a result of restrictions placed on us by your venue) will be charged at the published rate.

●    The client is responsible for providing the correct venue address, postcode and contact details. Deluxe Booths cannot be held responsible for delays caused by incorrect or incomplete information being provided.

●    The Deluxe Booth is suitable for indoor use but can be used outside, subject to site suitability and weather protection.

●    The booth will be sited in a single location on arrival as designated by your venue and cannot be relocated once in place.

●    The booth hire fee includes a maximum of 1 hours travel to your venue, please take account of time of day/location of event when planning your booth hire – if your event venue is outside of this area/travelling distance an additional fee of £35 per part or full travel hour will be payable – please contact us prior to booking if you require a quotation or clarification.

●    The booth hire fee includes a maximum of 50 miles travel to your event from Norton-Juxta Twycross, CV9 3QA. If your event venue is outside of this distance, an additional published fee per mile will be charged.


●    The hire period relates to consecutive hours from the agreed hire start time to the agreed hire end time.

●    It may be necessary to undertake maintenance of the booth during the agreed hire period such as changing paper rolls etc, this is assumed to be part of the agreed hire period.

●    Periods of closure at the clients/venues request (such as meal service/speeches etc) are considered part of the hire period – please let us know if you wish us to close the booth for any reason and we will be happy to facilitate this.

●    In the event that we arrive late due to circumstances beyond our control (such as unforeseen traffic – please refer to included travel time above) we will begin the hire period as soon as we are able so that the full hire period is provided. A refund will not be issued in these circumstances.

●    In the event that we are unable to begin set-up on our arrival due to restrictions placed on us by the client or venue, hire will begin as soon as we are able to do so and will end at the normally agreed hire time. A refund will not be issued in these circumstances.

FORCE MAJEUR (circumstances beyond our control)

●    Deluxe Booths cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control which prevent us from attending your event. In the unlikely event of this occurring our liability will be limited to refund of the hire fees paid to us.


●    Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable booking fee and confirmation of date and venue (by phone/email or booking form as applicable). Your booking is not confirmed until you have received written confirmation from us.

●    Balance payment is required IN FULL no later than 28 days prior to the date of your event.

●    In the event of the client cancelling the booking for any reason the following cancellation fees will apply:

○    Within 10 days of the Event date – full payment required.

○    Within 10 days to 4 weeks of the Event date – £250.00 plus fees paid for personalised items.

○    Within 4-12 weeks of the Event date – £100.00 plus fees paid for personalised items.

○    12+ weeks prior to the event date – Booking fee and any fees paid for personalised items only.

●    In the event of the client wishing to amend the date of the booking – we will endeavour to provide a booth for the amended date without any additional cost to the client, however where this is not possible due to prior commitments, cancellation fees will be payable as if the client has cancelled the booking.

●    All equipment including backdrops, props etc remains the property of Deluxe Booths.


●    All created media, settings and layouts remain the copyright property of Deluxe Booths.

●    The client agrees that all images taken during the Event as part of the agreed hire period can be uploaded to a web gallery and social media platform for public viewing.

●    The client grants permission for images to be used for advertising and promotional purposes – if you wish for this to be changed, please get in touch and we will happily change this for your event.

●    We do not vet media created by the booth and cannot be held responsible for inappropriate or offensive photographs or video taken whilst using the booth. Where we notice such photographs or behaviour, we reserve the right to delete any images which we feel may cause offence or embarrassment.  Further, Deluxe Booths takes child protection issues very seriously and we have an “ethical code of practice” when photographing those under the age of 18. We therefore reserve the right to decline to take or print any photograph which we feel may compromise the safety or reputation of the subject(s) involved – again, subject to our booth attendants noticing such photographs/videos.

●    If the client wishes to decline the online gallery service and/or use of the images for advertising/examples, they do so on behalf of all guests and this should be notified in writing (email/letter) prior to the event. In such cases we cannot be held responsible for guests uploading to the public domain the photographs under their own volition and/or referring to Deluxe Booths as suppliers of the original imagery after the event.

●    Where the client accepts the online gallery service and/or use of the images for advertising/examples, they do so on behalf of all guests. Where we receive requests for individual photographs to be removed from galleries such requests will be actioned within 24 hours of receipt, however, we cannot be held responsible for images which are already in the public domain.


●    Whilst we encourage our guests to enjoy their photographic experience we reserve the right to withhold our services from anyone whom we feel may cause injury to themselves, others, our staff or damage to our equipment by their behaviour or condition. Whilst we are always respectful to our guests we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour towards our staff and reserve the right to terminate the hire period without refund if a situation arises which is not rectified by a polite request not to revisit the booth.

●    The client is responsible for reimbursement of costs caused by damage to the booth by their guests howsoever caused.


●    We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to property owned by those using the booth, or personal injury or death of any participants however caused, unless proven negligence of Deluxe Booths.


●    We recommend allowing at least 3.5m x 3.5m space for your booth but this does depend on the type of booth booked, please let us know in advance if you feel this may be a problem.

●    Where possible it would be helpful if we could have a small table available to us to use for props and guestbook (if included within your package – please see booking confirmation).

●    If you are particularly tight for space it is possible to set the booth up “selfie” style without the enclosure, or to hire an alternative booth type (subject to availability) please let us know in advance if you think this might be an issue.


●    To avoid trip hazards, please locate the booth within easy access to power.

●    Please note that we cannot block fire exits or escape routes and must be mindful of other guests using the hotel and facilities.

●    Our standard hire period will end no later than 11pm unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation – this is for the safety of clients and to avoid equipment damage due to alcohol consumption.

●    We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or close and remove the booth entirely in the event that we believe guest(s) may injure themselves, others or our equipment by their behaviour or condition either directly or indirectly, and as with any place of work we will not tolerate rude or abusive behaviour or language towards our staff.

●    All guests under the age of 14 will require an adult – not including a booth attendant – to supervise their usage of the booth.

Important Information for you and your venue about set-up:

You will need to let your venue know that we will be attending and to get relevant permission and a suitable space made available prior to your event.  We need prior notification if there are any stairs or access restrictions of any type.For their information, we hold £2 million public liabilities insurance.