Why have a guestbook with your DeluxeBooths photobooth for your wedding?

Find out why having a guestbook with your DeluxeBooths photobooth at your wedding is a perfect way to create memories. A guestbook at your wedding is a great way to create memories with your guests. It’s fun for everyone. They love being able to take pictures of themselves and write messages in the book for […]

Why hire a photobooth for your wedding?

It’s a unique addition to your wedding reception, but one that will be remembered by all your guests. Hiring a photobooth is a great way to add a unique element to your wedding reception. Guests will remember it, and it’s one more thing you can do together as a couple leading up to the big […]

School Prom Must-haves

With up to 85% of UK schools now organising sophisticated events, and this year more than ever, schools are thinking about events to mark the end of term. And with the average spend per pupil in the region of £220, its vital that organisers of school proms make it an unforgettable experience. Many proms now […]

Black and white photos

Recently we have seen a huge resurgence in black and white photo booth pictures. We are not sure if it’s the classic look of the black and white, or the simplicity of the photos that makes them seem more real. Whatever the reason combining a simple plain backdrop with a white template and the black […]

To prop, or not to prop?

Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in events where we have been asked by the client to not provide props. To begin with we were very dubious and not entirely sure, but we were simply blown away by the look of the pictures. They look rather lovely. There is something clean […]